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FREE Tournament Housing Management by the Pros.

GCi Team Travel will make life easier for you, your coaches and your parents by taking the hassle and the cost out of managing hotel group reservations for your sports tournament. With GCi Team Travel on your side, you'll find a partner to provide turnkey sports housing for your event for FREE.

Turnkey Solutions

  • Hotels

    Weve established amazing relationships with hoteliers across the country. While we always keep varying team budgets in mind we only select the finest hotels.

  • Rebates

    You earn rebates on your sports event housing with GCi Team Travel. And you never have to wait for your rebate. GCi Team Travel cuts you one check within 60 days of your sports event, guaranteed.

  • All the Extras

    We’ll find the hotels with added value such as complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi and meeting space, and showcase these on our easy to use, proprietary team travel booking website.

  • Best Rates

    Our professionals build long lasting and solid relationships with hotels to negotiate the lowest hotel rates and favorable cancellation polices for teams. And we get that in writing.

  • Complimentary Room Nights

    With an eye to your coaches and staff, we secure complimentary rooms for your most valuable assets whenever we can.

  • Online Reservations

    With our proprietary software developed specifically for sports, we take the confusion out of booking multiple rooms to please a variety of people with our easy-to-use, secure online hotel reservations booking system.

  • Group Blocks

    Blocked hotel rooms are tracked in real-time so everyone knows how many rooms are available. Plus, coaches with multiple teams in one tournament can secure rooms together, just like they want.

  • Reporting

    Our proprietary software tracks hotel room use daily and generates detailed reports. Progress reports are provided as requested with post-event reports provided at the conclusion of the tournament or series.

  • One Point of Contact

    You’ve got a dedicated Project Coordinator who is with you every step of the way, providing support to you and your coaches, parents and teams as they travel to your stay-and-play sporting event.

  • Marketing

    As a GCi Team Travel tournament, you can take advantage of our 60,000+ database of sports enthusiasts, as we will include your sports event in our monthly emails.