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Forgot password is for the team manager. If you are a team parent please contact your team manager for your password.

GCI Team Travel FAQs


01. General FAQs

How do I make changes or cancel my reservation?

Email us at to change or cancel your reservation. Please reference your team's Request ID or confirmation number when contacting us. (See the cancellation policy in your confirmation email for additional information; Changes and cancellations received after the deadline date and time listed in your confirmation email cannot be authorized by GCI Team Travel.)

What happens after my reservation has been made with GCI Team Travel?

After the room block’s reservation deadline date has passed, your room block is sent to the hotel. Then confirmation numbers will be emailed to each person once we receive them from the hotel.

Where is my confirmation email?

Sometimes the automated confirmation email will go directly to your spam or junk folder. We will gladly resend your confirmation email upon request. Send us an email with your team’s request ID # and your full name in order to request your confirmation email.

How do I log-in to add my name to the rooming list?

You will log in on our website ( by clicking "LOGIN" on the home page. (Upper Right Corner Of Website) Enter your team's Request ID number and the Parent Password. This should be provided to you by your Team Manager or Coach.

Where is my confirmation number?

Individual confirmation numbers will be provided in an automated email from GCI Team Travel after your team's rooming list has been completed.

What is your cancellation policy?

*Please confirm the cancellation policy by reviewing your confirmation email.

Still need help? Please email us –

02. Team Manager FAQs

How can team parents book their hotel reservations with your website?

First you will need to set up a room block on our website.
Click HERE to find the event.
After creating your room block, you will receive an email with more details. Make sure to provide the Request ID number and the Parent Password. Please forward these directions:

  1. 1) Go to
  2. 2) Click "LOGIN" (Upper Right Corner Of Website)
  3. 3) Enter your Request ID number and the Parent Password
  4. 4) Enter the required information and submit your reservation
  5. 5) Look for your confirmation email to review your reservation.
  6.          -Please check the confirmation email for accuracy.
  7.          -Review the cancellation policy.

Can I get an extension on my rooming list?

Send an email to with your Request ID # to request a deadline extension. You must request this prior to your reservation deadline date/time.

How can I request additional rooms after my rooming list deadline date has passed?

This request is based on available inventory with each hotel. Send an email to with your Request ID # to request additional rooms. We may require a listing of parent’s names before we can check. We will let you know if more information is needed.

Do I need to make a reservation for my coach?

Yes, please be sure to make a reservation for your coach. Any applicable comp nights will be applied to your coach's reservation unless otherwise instructed. (Not all tournaments/hotels earn comp nights.)

What is the comp policy for my coach?

The comp policy will depend on the hotel and tournament policies. If there is a comp policy, this will show under the “Specials” tab for each hotel, and in your confirmation email. (Not all tournaments/hotels earn or award comp nights.)

How can I request suites or a different room type at my hotel?

Suite and room type availability will vary from hotel to hotel. Please contact us for availability. Send an email to with your Request ID # to request special room types.