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  • Find a Hotel - I need to pick hotels and rooms for my event: 

COVID-19 Update as of 7/8/20*:
-  Hotel amenities listed may be subject to change without prior notification due to COVID-19 regulations.
-  At this time, the $25 cancellation fee and 30 day team/group block policy are waived.
-  The 72 hour Arrival Date Changes/Reservation Cancellation Deadline policies for individual reservations remains as follows:
  1. Request in writing via email with GCI prior to 3:00PM Central Standard Time on {Tuesday of the event}. Arrival date changes received after the deadline will not be accepted by GCI Team Travel.
  2. Cancelling a full reservation after 3:00 PM Central Standard Time on {Tuesday of the event} will result in a cancellation penalty up to 1 night’s room and tax charged by the hotel or GCI Team Travel.
-  If an event is cancelled by the tournament directors due to COVID-19, GCI Team Travel will cancel all rooms without action needed by guests.
Please email with any changes, cancellations or questions.
*This update is subject to change at any time.